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SizeGenetics is a penis extender device that provides an average length increase of 1.25″ – 2.5″ inches.

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How Does Penis Traction Work?

Technically the device is a penis stretcher, but understanding how penile traction works isn’t as simple as saying “it stretches the penis.”

There’s a lot of scientific data to back up this product, and we’re going to do our best to explain how this product works fundamentally.

The Science Of Penis Traction Explained

how to use a penis extenderIf you’ve ever been to the gym or have even basic knowledge of how lifting weight helps build muscle, you have a good foundation to understand how the product works.

With weight training, the weight lifter’s hands grasp a dumbbell, his fingers clench the bar, he tenses his back keeping it erect and curls the weight using his bicep muscles.

He slowly lowers the weight back down and repeats the exercise in hopes of building muscle.

The clanking of the weights doesn’t build muscle nor does the iron that the weight is made of.

Small micro tears and cell duplication causes the muscles to grow.

Muscles, when put under pressure, develop small micro tears that strengthen and grow when healed.

Penis stretching works much in the same way.

how do penis extenders work

And no, you’re not going to be using a weight to make your penis grow although some people do use weights for penis growth.

The medical grade extender attaches to the penis in order to do one thing:

  • Supply a constant, gentle stretch to the Corpora Cavernosa

The Corpora Cavernosa is erectile tissue that makes up the bulk of the penis. This tissue is akin to a sponge, and when the penis gets erect, this tissue holds the most blood causing the erection.

Gentle, painless and constant pressure on the penis causes the cells to pull away and split.

Corpora Cavernosa

And these cells will heal causing new cells to be created at the same time. This is the same concept as the bodybuilder lifting weight to sculpt his biceps. See, the body deals with tears by healing them to ensure they’re stronger and better prepared for new stress.

The body heals the penis in the same way.

New cells lead to a bigger penis. The Corpora Cavernosa tissue heals and more cells are created. The healing allows the tissue to be larger allowing for more blood to fill the tissue. Bigger and harder erections are the result of more blood filling the Corpora Cavernosa.

This penis extender doesn’t use weights to achieve these small micro tears (don’t worry, you don’t feel the actual tears).

Traction tension is used to cause the tears and initiate the healing and cell duplication process. SizeGenetics utilizes 2,800 grams of traction tension to provide results faster than any other device on the market.

20+ Years Of Customer Testimonials


Clinical Trials Back the Science Behind SizeGenetics

kings college of london penis size study

Penis stretchers work on a scientific ground. SizeGenetics has numerous medical endorsements (more on that below) and extensive clinical studies have been conducted in the United States and Denmark.

The studies prove that SizeGenetics works to extend the length of the penis.

Results based on cases studies show this product helps men increase their penis size by:

  • 13% in 8 weeks
  • 19% in 16 weeks
  • 24% in 20 weeks
  • 29% in 24 weeks

And the results are permanent. You won’t have to use a penis extender for the rest of your life to have a bigger penis.  Although, we see no harm in long term use.

Medical Endorsement

If you’re not confident that SizeGenetics works by now, maybe you’ll find solace knowing that numerous doctors have endorsed this product. These are real doctors that are putting their credibility on the line by giving SizeGenetics an endorsement.

Any time you see an endorsement, you know that a doctor fully believes that the product works.

The Only Clinically Proven, Medical Extender Device

SizeGenetics™ has several medical endorsements. The device has undergone extensive scientific research and clinical studies over the past 20 years by US and Danish scientists and doctors, and has been proven to extend your penis.

As a registered medical type one device SizeGenetics™ has been approved for use by strict FDA regulations. Every single device is manufactured to the strictest standards in high grade facilities, using medical grade components.

This means that SizeGenetics™ is risk free and safe to use, so you can use SizeGenetics™ with 100% confidence, knowing that your health and safety is assured, and that your device will work for you.

Don’t choose an inferior, unproven device, or resort to risky, painful surgery to enlarge your penis. Thousands of men around the world just like you have used the clinically proven SizeGenetics™ device to safely and effectively extend and straighten their penises.


But, what are others saying about this product? Does it work for others? Yes.

The before and after testimonials don’t lie.

Real people have used this product – thousands each month are seeing results.

The testimonials that are most impressive are always in the spotlight, and they include:

  • 8 inches in months from 6.9” in length to 8.7” in length
  • 3 inches in length – this was a 60-year-old man
  • 1 inches in length in just four months from a small 4.4” to a massive 6.5”
  • 8 inches in length in four months from 4.0” in length to 5.8” in length

And these are the impressive reviews. You, too, can see these massive gains by using the extender daily.

Will you be able to experience 2.1” gains? Maybe. Everyone is different, but the average person adds 1” – 3” in 24 weeks.

The verdict is in – SizeGenetics works.

The company is so confident that their extender works that they offer an industry-leading guarantee.

The Only Penis Extender That Is Guaranteed To Work

A lot of company’s say their products work, but few offer you your money back if they fail to work.

SizeGenetics is clinically proven to work, and if it doesn’t work for you, the company offers double your money back.

What’s the catch?

You need to use the product. The company requires you to:

  • Use the device for 120 days straight

That’s it. Since every person’s results vary, this gives your body enough time to adapt and repair to experience growth. You’ll also need to provide before and after pictures along with a log of your usage.

And if the product doesn’t work, and you’re not just trying to scam the company out of money, you’ll receive double your money back.

You can’t ask for more from a company.

This is unheard of in any industry. Just contact support if you don’t see the results you expect, and you’ll get your money back.

This is a risk-free offer.


Real World Before & After Results

And, this traction device can work for two very concerning penile conditions.

#1) Peyronies Disease (Curved Penis Syndrome)

bent penis syndrome

That first is known as Peyronies Disease, this condition is a curvature of the penis which causes:

  • Pain
  • Lack of confidence
  • Low self-esteem

And a person suffering from Peyronies will also have a smaller looking penis.

The SizeGenetics extender is classified as a medical 1 type device. Through continual stretching of the penis, customers have successfully straightened their curved penis.

#2) Micro Penis Syndrome

Micro penis is an interesting condition where a person has a very small penis of under one-inch in some cases.

To be clear, a micro penis can sometimes benefit from SizeGenetics, but not always.

The company recommends that anyone suffering with a micro penis call their customer service team to see if the product can help.  You want to make sure the product will work for you before committing to a routine.

Multi-Directional Angling

You won’t see many people talking about multi-directional angling technology, but it’s vital to the way our device works. See, most devices use just one angle when stretching the penis. This one angle design causes discomfort and hinders growth.

But when multi-directional angling is used, penis stretching is more comfortable.

Results are amplified, too.



The SizeGenetics Guarantee – Get A Bigger Penis Or Your Money Back

A bigger penis can make a world of difference to your confidence, self-esteem, and sex life.

The thought of ‘that moment’ can be nerve wracking when you feel under-endowed, and the worry of how it looks and feels for both you and your partner can be enough to put you off sex altogether.

Order SizeGenetics™ now and get your confidence back in the bedroom.



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